Below is a list of our blog post and links to photographers posts of weddings organized by venue. Please note that it may not contain all weddings and events featured in our blog posts, and is being constantly updated. 


501 union,Brooklyn N.Y.

- Joanne & Leijeym  –  Our Photos


American Yacht Club Wedding, Rye N.Y.

- Emma & Ken - Our Photos


BROOKLYN botanical gardens - Palm House

- Rachel & Amit - Our Photos

- Cynthia and Ryan. From Parris With Love Photography 



- Blake and Jessica – Ciara Richardson Photography Blog Pos


 Brooklyn Loft Wedding, Dumbo Brooklyn N.Y.

- Victoria and Amy – Photog / Our Blog Photos


Brooklyn Winery, Williamsburg Brooklyn, N.Y.

- Peipei and Ian - Photog/ Henry Shoots & Our Blog Photos

- Miriam and Glen - Tim Ryan Smith Photography / Our Blog Post

- Irina

- Jacqueline & Sylvian 



CV Rich Mansion, Westchester N.Y.

- Ginett and Andre – Felix Studio / Our Blog Post


Coindre hall, Huntington L.I., N.Y.

- Priscilla and _____ - Our Blog Post


Deity, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

- Amber and Ryan. Photography by Jona Images.



Faculty House Wedding at Columbia University, New York N.Y.

- Vanessa and Martin – The Pros Photography / Our Blog Photos


feast at round hill, catskills, N.Y.

- Rachel and Nick


The Foundry, LIC Queens, N.Y.  

- Ann & Kevin - Shira Wineberger Photography / Our Blog Post

- Gabrielle & Max - Our Blog Post

-Allison and Mike


Full Moon Resort Weddings, Woodstock N.Y.

- Alex and ___  – Photog / Our Photos

- Andrea and ___ – Photog / Our Blog Photos


Giandos on the Water Wedding, Williamsburg Brooklyn N.Y.

- Jessia & Blake – Ciara Richardson Photography / Our Blog Photos

- Kelly - Our Blog Post

houston hall, new york n.y.

- Caitlyn



Gramercy park hotel, new york, N.Y.

- J&V– Early Fall. Our Blog Photos (below) / Professional Pics by Ilene Squires Photography

- L & M - Late Summer. Our photos below:


Grassmere Farm Wedding, Rye N.Y.

- Lauren and Nick – Photog / Our Blog Photos


Green Building Weddings, Brooklyn N.Y.

- Sarah – Photog / Our Blog Photogs

- Roja – Photog / Our Blog Photos


Greenpoint Loft, Brooklyn N.Y.

- Kathy and Ian – Katie Osgood Photography / 


- Hannah & Matt - Katie Osgood Photography

- Jenny and Brian - Our Blog

- Erin and Brian - Our Photos

Dana & Jeff


- Lauren


- Suzy


Maison May Dekalb (iCi Restaurant), Brooklyn N.Y.

- Vanessa and Evan – Our Blog Photos

- Brit & Wes - Feature


Liberty Warehouse, Brooklyn N.Y.

- Emily & John – Featured in “Style Me Pretty” / Casey Fatchett Photography / Our Blog Photos

- Rachel & Stephen 


Metropolitan Building, LIC Queens, N.Y.

- Becky and Johnston – Photog / Our Blog Photos

- Rachel & Jack - Our Photos


Midtown loft, Nyc, N.Y.

- Haj and Josh – Every Studio Photography Blog Post / Our


Music hall of williamsburg, Brooklyn, N.Y.

- Tracy and Brian –  Amber Glass Photography Photos / Our Blog Post


My Moon Weddings, Williamsburg Brooklyn N.Y.



- Katie and Tony - Our Blog Post


- Kelly - Our Blog Post

-Jane and Devin

-Gabrielle and Brian- Photos by Karen Obrist



- Stephanie & Derek – Featured in “Style Me Pretty” / Monica Broz Photography / Our Photos

onderdonk house, ridgewood n.y.

- Kristen


Onteora House Weddings, Woodstock N.Y.

- Ali & Matt – Our Blog Photos


One if By Land Two if by Sea Restaurant Wedding, New York N.Y.

- _&_ – Professional Photos / Our Photos


Paulie Gee’s Wedding, Greenpoint BK N.Y.

 – Anna and Jourdan – Tanveel Badal Studio / Our Blog Photos


The Plaza Hotel, new york, n.y.

- Holiday Party, Terrace Room - Blog Post

poly prep country day school, brooklyn n.y.

- Cosi and Mark

pratt house mansion, new york, n.y.

-Alexandra and Kyle

PRospect park picnic house, brooklyn n.y.

- Shubha and Daniel – Our Blog Post


ReBAR Wedding, Dumbo Brooklyn N.Y. 

- Rebecca & Joe – Photog / Our Blog Photos

- Allyson & Joe – Clean Plate Pictures Photography / Our Blog Post

- Kendra & Dave – Johnny Wolf Photography / Our Blog Post


The River Cafe, Dumbo Brooklyn N.Y.

- SSRC - Our Blog Post


Searles Castle Wedding, Wyndham N.H.

- Kelly and Denis - Angelina Rose Photography / Our Blog Post


Scottaditto Toscana Restaurant Brooklyn N.Y.

- Lisa and Ralph - Our Blog Post 


Tavern on the green, new york, N.Y.

- Snack* Charity Gala


Tuffet Bar, Williamsburg Brooklyn N.Y.

- Lydia and Jon - Our Blog Post



- Becky and Eric

Water’s Edge Wedding, LIC Queens N.Y.

- Sara and Walter – Photo / Our Photos


Westbury mannor, Long Island

- Isabela & Przemyslaw - Our Photos


Wolfe’s Neck Farm Wedding, Freeport Maine

- Katherine and Simon – Photog / Our Photos


Wythe hotel, Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

- Kara and Hiram