Wythe Hotel Cellar Dinner Party

Williamsburg locals Lydia and Jon chose the private dining room at the Wythe Hotel to host their rehearsal dinner celebration. 

The room has a great wine cellar feelto it, with amazing chandeliers and an interesting tile floor. To play into the inherent romance of the space, Lydia and Jon chose vividly colored lush flower arrangements, accented with taper candles and votives.  

We used cobalt blue chalice style vases, and filled them with lush and overflowing blooms in bright shades of orange, pink, purple, blue and green. We included roses, prothea, hydreagea, scabiosa. We accented the flowers with various berries and greens from our very own Rosehip garden!

The Wythe was fabulous as always, and we hear it was a great dinner party!