Green, Green, and More Green

Cymbidium orchids, hydrangea, and fiesta roses were the featured flowers for this sleek, simple, and modern look at MyMoon in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Table "numbers" were each a different country that the couple had visited together and the table runners were made by a family friend! 

Each table was adorned with an low arrangement in a rectangular or a square glass vase depending on table size.  Longer tables were accompanied by smaller, clear glass bubble vases of a single Cymbidium orchid with dark pebbles and brighter green accenting flowers.  There were lots of white taper candles and raised white votive candles.  The whole look conjured up a zen-like theme and one guest described it as, "clean, crisp, with lots of candlelight".

Like the centerpieces, the bridal bouquet was all green of the same florals, but with some gorgeous green amaranths.

The ceremony site was decorated with hanging vases and two glass lanterns with big white candles and green hydrangeas surrounding them on the bottom!

The all-green aesthetic, particularly with these florals, was both calming and breathtaking!  I just love the look we ended up with and was so happy to share it with such wonderful people!