Kelly and Norm at MyMoon

My Moon, known for beautifuly intimate events, hosted the lovely wedding of Kelly and Norm. The ceremony was held in the lush garden space at the venue; it was decorated with lovely hydrangea filled lanterns, and hung with mason jars filled with natural flowers. The lanterns were filled with limelight hydrangeas, and the mason jars with a variety of roses, thistles, salvia, mums, and grasses.

The bridal party held bouquets of lime hydrangeas, roses, orchids, and trailing amaranth.

Inside the venue, table centerpieces held the citrus green colors of the bride's bouquet, with hydrangeas, orchids, and mums; these paired nicely with the minimalist bubble vases with floating orchids and mums.

We'd love to give a shout-out to the talented Kelsey Combe Photography for the fantastic pictures featured here!