Romantic Book Themed Wedding

We had a lovely time working with Bride Amanda on her cool, book-themed wedding vision. The ceremony and reception were held at the One if By Land, Two if By Sea Restaurant in the West Village.

Amanda, who is quite the "Renaissance Woman", came up with a great idea for centerpiece accents and a whole general mood for the wedding.  She gathered hundreds of books too use as wedding decor.  Using lots of the new construction tools that I've accumulated, I drilled holes in some of the books in which I could place the centerpiece vases. Using a 5" diameter core drill, we removed a "core sample" of a book and replaced it with a vase filled with lovely flowers for the wedding day.  Flowers, books, silver tones, and lace came together for a lovely complete design at One if By Land.

Amanda and Dennis had a wonderful time celebrating with their loving family and dear friends. Their wedding was quintessentially romantic.


Photos courtesy of Amanda and Dennis's photographer.

We were so happy to be able to work with the bride and groom, and wish them all the best in their lives together.

Kickstarter Holiday Party

Working with Kickstarter on their holiday party was a pure blast.  

We started off by hoisting up large tree limbs and suspending them from the ceiling over the dinner table in the Kickstarter Lower East Side headquarter offices. Each branch was decorated with berries, cones, paper ornaments and clear glass bulbs. In between the wood branches we hung strings of globe lights.

The tables were decorated with an eclectic mix of vintage mason jars, gold toned walnuts and berries, magnolia leaves, silver brunia, red berries and red pomegranates.

The 80+ foot table was iluminated with lots of candles and draped cafe lights. We also added dozens of candle votives to the long barn wood wall lining the event space.

The party was a smash, and we were so happy to be a part of making it feel festive for the holiday season!


Music Inspired Flowers

We recently had the pleasure of creating some exciting arrangements for the Diller-Quaile Music School annual gala at The Harmonie Club in NYC.

We chose music as our inspiration, for obvious reasons, and used a lovely spring-time palette accented with gold-toned wire and musical notes.

We also created a two-foot tall treble clef using greens and green flowers as a statement piece in the bar area.

The arrangements featured a mix of cherry blossoms, quince, hydrangea, dog wood, ranunculus and tulips.

The gala was a hit, and we were thrilled with how it all came together.



Sara & Walter's Water's Edgy LIC Wedding

We had the great pleasure of working with our friends Sara & Walter with their amazing NYC wedding. The reception was at the Water's Edge Restaurant in LIC, and the wedding decor complimented the gorgeous Manhattan skyline visible through the window filled space.

The reception decor was full of NYC touches, subway train station stop table numbers, "MetroCard" place cards, and city skyline details.

The Water's Edge venue provides a gorgeous back drop and the branchy arrangements with candles truly accented the twinkling lights of NYC.

Fall Inspired Brooklyn Wedding of Brides Anna and Jourdan

A few weeks ago we had a great time working with Anna and Jourdan. The ceremony was held on a rooftop in Park Slope.  Afterwards, everyone jumped on the ferry over to the Java Street Pier in Greenpoint.

The reception was at Paulie Gee's, a great little Italian restaurant on Greenpoint Avenue Brooklyn.

Jourdan and Anna wanted fun and easy flowers that would coordinate with their grey and yellow color palette and bring in an autumnal feeling. We were able to do this by using ranunculus, billy buttons, garden roses, succulents, dusty miller and kumquats.

In addition to flowers, we also provided the wooden stumps and table name cards. Anna and Jourdan named each table after a borough of NYC, which was a very fun idea. We also decorated the tables with pears and crab apples.

The wedding cake was made by a family friend, Liz. We helped to assemble and decorate this tasty and cool looking coconut cake.


The Brides were also kind enough to send us a little video that a friend of theirs had made, featuring the fun adventures they had on their special day. Thank you!

We had a great time working with the ladies and Jourdan's mom Josiane.


Rosehip Social

Katherine and Simon's Farm Wedding in Maine

After some delay, here are some pictures from Katherine and Simon's Maine wedding held at Wolfe Neck Farm, just outside of Freeport Maine. The farm provided the field and Katherine had to work out the rest.  We were thrilled that Katherine decided to work with us for her out-of-state big day (especially as it meant that we got to have a Maine lobster roll while we were there)!

We were a traveling flower shop that weekend.  Living out the back of our the car we did all the flowers, the table top paper goods, the wishing tree, and the photo wall among other things

We were really pleased with how everything came together.

Logs, logs, and more logs!

We've been busy little bees making all sorts of fun items for Katherine and Simon's wedding. 

We're cutting different types of birch logs into logs of varying heights which will serve as beautiful table decorations, accented by lots of candles.  

We're also using birch logs as place card holders and table number cards!  It has been a fun and saw-dust filled summer.


Classic Wedding at Columbia University

 We had a chance to make gorgeous flowers for Vanessa and Martin's May wedding at Columbia University's Faculty House.

The Brides bouquet was made up of peonies, garden roses, spray roses, freesia, pitcher plans, calla lilies and accented with lambs ears greenery.

Here are a few photos from the professional photographers, The Pros group.

The bridesmaid bouquet featured roses, garden roses, spray roses, freesia, stars of bethlehem, calla lilies and ranunculus.



Springtime Daffodils!

What better way to welcome the Spring Weather than with a stunning bouquet of daffodils. We just love these bright festive flowers!

It's a fun and simple bouquet, and perfect for a spring wedding!

A few fun facts about daffodils:

  • The botanical name "narcissus" is inspired by a Greek mythological character who became obsessed with his own reflection so much that he starved to death. It is the origin of the word narcissistic.
  • Both the flowers and the bulb are slightly poisonous and shouldn't be eaten.
  • In NY, approx. 2,500,000 daffodils are grown each year.
  • Daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings.
  • They're the traditional 10th Wedding Anniversary flower.

With their light scent and bright color, daffodils are a lovely choice for arrangements and bouquets.

We hope you enjoy this early springtime treat as much as we do!